• Laser welding
  • Laser marking
  • Laser cutting
  • Quasi-synchronous plastic laser welding machine

    Quasi-synchronous plastic laser welding machine

    Plastic laser welding machine is a new type of plastic welding equipment developed by Planck Technology based on conventional plastic welding equipment, the machine uses 808mm, 915nm, 980nm and 1064nm wavelength laser plastic hot melt, according to different plastic materials and additives to use different wavelengths of laser to achieve the ideal effect of plastic welding

  • Robot laser welding machine

    Robot laser welding machine

    Multi-station linkage worktable design, each station cooperate with each other, laser processing and product feeding do not interfere with each other, to achieve continuous equipment non-stop work. High power automatic focusing and CCD monitoring of welding joints can ensure welding quality even when blade fitting is not tight.

  • Hand-held laser welding machine

    Hand-held laser welding machine

    Handheld laser welding is mainly used for welding thin wall materials and high speed welding. The welding process is heat conduction type, that is, the laser radiation heats the workpiece surface, and the surface heat diffuses internally through heat conduction. By controlling the welding parameters such as laser power, welding speed, defocusing amount and focus size, the workpiece is melted and a specific molten pool is formed.

  • Suitable for plastic mold, die casting mold, aluminum, copper mold, medium, small, large, super large mold repair and welding

  • Four axis YAG laser welding machine

    Four axis YAG laser welding machine

    Two-dimensional automatic laser welding machine adopts double lamp ceramic reflection cavity imported from Britain, with large power, programmable pulse and intelligent system management. Z axis of worktable can move up and down to focus, controlled by industrial PC. Equipped with standard split X/Y axis 3d automatic moving table. Another optional rotary fixture (φ80mm or φ125mm optional), to achieve two-dimensional automatic laser welding. Monitoring system adopts microscope, red light, CCD and external cooling system.

  • Eight station rotating laser marking machine

    Eight station rotating laser marking machine

    LED lamp, energy-saving lamp, lamp cap, lamp holder, flashlight, lamp cup, etc. General metal and alloy (especially suitable for aluminum alloy), special surface treatment (phosphating, aluminum anodizing, electroplating surface), plastic (PVC/PC/PU), ABS material, epoxy resin, etc.

  • 3D laser marking machine

    3D laser marking machine

    Applicable materials: silicon wafer, circuit chip, transparent key alloy steel, copper, coating metal, ABS, PVC, PES, organic polymer, etc. Applicable industry: used in depth, smoothness, fine precision requirements of various fields. Such as precision electronics and electricians, instruments and meters, hardware, glasses and clocks, IT industry, molds, solar photovoltaic products.

  • Convenient laser marking machine

    Convenient laser marking machine

    Using a pulsed fiber laser, the pulse width is less than 30ns, the output of 25kW peak power, with high beam quality M2<1.5.

  • CO2 carbon dioxide cutting machine

    CO2 carbon dioxide cutting machine

    It is suitable for cutting plastic parts, leather, cloth, epoxy resin, wood products, paper, acrylic, plush, plastic, rubber, bamboo products and other non-metal industries.

  • Precision laser cutting machine

    Precision laser cutting machine

    It is suitable for high precision cutting and microhole drilling of sapphire glass, reinforced glass, FPC, PCB, ceramic, semiconductor materials, polymer materials, diamond film and metal, high precision ITO laser marking and ceramic laser cutting line.

  • Fiber laser pipe cutting machine

    Fiber laser pipe cutting machine

    Pipe types: square pipe, round pipe, elliptical pipe, flat pipe, channel steel, rectangular pipe, triangle pipe, I-steel and special-shaped pipe, etc Suitable for cutting materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, copper and other materials

  • Switching table fiber laser cutting machine

    Switching table fiber laser cutting machine

    Application Industry: sheet metal processing, machinery manufacturing, mechanical equipment, environmental protection, public equipment, shipbuilding, agricultural and forestry machinery, construction industry, etc Suitable for cutting materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, copper and other metal materials

About us

Zhejiang Planck Laser Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on industrial laser equipment manufacturers, the company is set research and development, production, sales in one of the high-tech enterprises. Planck Laser Technology has many years in laser welding, laser marking, laser tin welding, laser cleaning, laser cutting and other fields of application and rich research experience, the company has an independent development and design team, according to customer requirements to develop and design and provide a complete set of laser automation programs. 

The company mainly produces and sells: Automatic laser welding workstation, continuous fiber laser welding machine, four axis of optical fiber transmission, laser welding machine, YAG laser welding machine, semiconductor laser welding machine, laser welding machine, hand-held laser robot welding machine, plastic welding machine, QCW laser welding machine, high power laser welding machine, mold laser welding machine, the galvanometer laser welding machine; Laser marking categories are: fiber laser marking machine, carbon dioxide laser marking machine, ULTRAVIOLET laser marking machine, green laser marking machine, end pump laser marking machine, online flight laser marking machine, 3D laser marking machine. The company's laser equipment is exported to Italy, Russia, Vietnam, Myanmar, South Korea, Thailand, India, Egypt and other countries and regions

  • 10+

    Research staff

  • 12Hour

    After-sale reaction capacity

  • 13Year

    Experience in the laser industry

  • 3000tower

    annual production capacity

  • 30+

    After-sales service personnel

Why did choose us?

  • Power producer

    The company has decades of production experience from 2010 to now, tailored solutions for customers with different needs, so that customers have a responsible supplier.

  • Quality assurance

    The parts of laser marking, welding and cutting equipment produced by the company have been strictly selected. The equipment manufacturing process is strictly in accordance with the national electrical standards, and the products are stable.

  • Professional team

    The company has professional pre-sale sales communication, in-sale technical docking confirmation, after-sales cooperation with customers to solve problems and response time, to ensure that customers during the use of the whole process without worry.

  • Custom-Tailor

    After a preliminary understanding of customer needs, Planck cooperated with the technical department to provide a reasonable plan, put forward written drawings and quotations to customers, so that customers can see the rationality of the working principle and customized content.

  • After-sales service

    Regularly return to customers and provide customers with help and related technical advice, we strive to customer satisfaction, when customers need us, we in line with the first to solve customer problems, and then solve the interests of customers is our interests.

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